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UAS/ Unmanned Services


GAMG provides superior disinfecting and sanitizing services via drone and unmanned technology. Our electrostatic UAVS complimented with ground services and long term surfactant keep your space and guests safe for an extended period of time. STADIUMS• SCHOOLS & UNIVERSITIES •PRODUCTIONS • INDUSTRY •VENUES & THEATERS•

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Mold Remediation & Prevention by UAS

Specialty Agricultural industries such as The Cannabis industry and vineyards loses billions in retail crop a year to mold/Fungus. We have new technology available or UAS mold/fungus prevention & remediation. . We Implementation of electrostatic spraying technology using drones and backpack sprayers to both prevent and treat mold & Fungus. The tech can be applied to both indoor and outdoor use of greenhouse & grow houses. We are actively involved in Research & development of new products, Technology and case studies as applicable to drone Agriculture. Contact us today for a demo.

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GAMG is pleased focus our strongest talents to offer aviation & logistical solutions for private VIP travel. Our unique skillset allows for organized and perfected private air travel. We have created a Jet to Stage package that transports our talent and provides professional and long term sanitizing to keep them safe.

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Global Aerial Management Group (GAMG) is a full service manned and unmanned aviation services company.  Our private jet charter division specializes in tours, productions, corporate travel, mass movements  and activations. Our unmanned division was created to complement and offer solutions via drone as we explore the new technology and innovation in UAS and autonomous flight. We are career aviators with specialized knowledge in the world of unmanned aerial vehicles and beyond.

GAMG is a proud 100% Women Owned and Operated business. Across the globe, Women Owned businesses supply an incredible range of products and services… and we are grateful to be among them.

Offering expert service in both manned and unmanned flight. Private Jet charter solutions, long term disinfecting and Sanitizing by drone. Mass movements, activations, UAV/UAS projects and innovative technical solutions.