Global Aerial
Management Group

Emerging Technologies • AAM Consulting • Business Development • Vertiport Infrastructure

New Business & Product Development

At Global Aerial we take great pride in who we choose to partner with. We are experts in taking new ideas and products specific to our industry and uniquely integrating them into the ecosystem. We have a one of a kind plan that takes the current industry climate, community, regulatory and many other factors in and aligns an effective pipeline. Our recipe is success and hand curated visibility resulting in sales and integration.

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Modular Vertiports & AAM Infrastructure

We are proud to offer an affordable and approachable solution to early stage vertiport infrastructure. Our mobile stand alone power grids are ready to be built and put to work now. We believe early stage Infrastructure does not need to be complicated or expensive. Our vehicle agnostic EVTOL charging solution is sustainable, affordable and effective. We have the Vertiport solution you need.

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OEM & Airport Business Development and Consulting

Our team if experts is currently and consistently plugged into the daily changes in AAM and EVTOL advancements, policy & regulation. We are highly connected through multiple ecosystems within our industry and offer a phased out, approach to incorporate all pieces of your US testing with the FAA and line up with regulatory and technological restriction resolution. Our cultivated plan includes social, branding. Integration and business development assistance to offer you to effective routes. We bring a creative, solution oriented, hand crafted approach.

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Global Aerial Management Group (GAMG) is a solution oriented company focused on furthering the progress of emerging technologies with a concentration on uncrewed & autonomous flight and air mobility. We focus on emerging technologies in Advanced Air Mobility AAM, & UAS
as well as Vertiport & early stage Infrastructure

Our services offered evolve as our expertise diversifies. We are heavily intertwined with general aviation and understand the balance.
We have crafted a unique and specialized approach to provide effective results.

GAMG is a proud Women Owned and Operated business. Across the globe, Women Owned businesses supply an incredible range of products and services… and we are grateful to be among them.

Global Aerial Management Group are the proud winners of the 2021 Women and Drones, Women to Watch Volatus Aerospace Team Innovation Award.

Aviation Experts with a concentration in UAS/UAV Consulting, Compliance & Advanced Drone Services. We host and promote STEAM education, AAM, UAM Initiatives, NASA & The FAA, emerging technologies, a diversified future workforce, and UAV/UAS Community Acceptance. We are Women owned and operated.

Volatus Infrastructure chooses Global Aerial Management Group


Volatus Infrastructure partners with Global Aerial Management Group to offer Vertiport integration and operations. Modular EVTOL charging structures with stand alone micro grids are available for early stage EVTOL landing and charging solutions.

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Press Release: Promo Drone Appoints Toni Drummond to their Advisory Board


Promo Drone appoints Toni Drummond, Founder and CEO of Global Aerial Management Group to their Advisory Board.

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Women changing the face of the AAM industry


Advanced Air Mobility and the women behind the movement.

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Women and Drones Women to Watch in UAS 2021 awards clip. Global Aerial Group 2021 Team Innovation winners.


Women and Drones Women to Watch in UAS 2021 awards clip. Global Aerial 2021 Team Innovation winners.

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Press Release-Woman and Drones 2022 Women to Watch Award Recipient


CES 2022, Global Aerial Management Group is awarded the 2021 Women and Drones, Women to Watch in 2021, Volatus Aerospace Team Innovation Award

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Inside Unmanned Systems Drones in Critical Infostructure


The Female Quotient-Diversity Panel live from CES 2023


Global Aerial Management Group Founder and CEO featured on a panel at CES 2022 in Las Vegas NV.

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Drone Life Dawn of Drones podcast featuring Toni Drummond


Dawn of Drones -Live from AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2022


Livestream from AUVSI. Toni Drummond interviewed at 1:37.

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