Global Aerial Management Group (GAMG) is a full service UAV/UAS/UAM/AAM support company specializing in bringing unmanned and autonomous vehicles to the space effectively. We are career aviators with specialized knowledge in the world of unmanned aerial vehicles and beyond.

We understand that this is a new market space. We have many curious minds wondering how drones will integrate into our future. We are here to bridge that services and support gap.

Our Project Management division can handle all of your specialized missions and spraying jobs with precision and efficiency. We offer transparent, smart and cost effects solutions.

Who we work with: Private Individuals, Corporations, Stadiums and Event Managers, Law Enforcement & Fire, Farming and Agriculture community, Real Estate Developers, Hospitals & Healthcare, Shipping and Importation, Local and State Municipalities etc.

GAMG is a proud 100% Women Owned and Operated business. Across the globe, Women Owned businesses supply an incredible range of products and services… and we are grateful to be among them. As a Women Owned business we have been certified as at least 51 percent owned, operated and controlled by a woman or women on a daily basis.